Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs address many of the key issues associated with climate change: extremes of weather resulting in unpredictable periods of excess rainfall, drought, heat and cold stress.


  • Promote biodiversity and create a natural habitat, encouraging a wide range of insects, birds and butterflies, particularly in areas where the habitat has been ‘lost’.
  • Absorb rainfall that would normally run straight off hard surfaces and are therefore important to help with storm water attenuation and reducing urban flooding.
  • Help combat the effects of pollution – the green plants absorb noise, trap dust, recycle carbon dioxide, absorb and break down many gaseous pollutants.
  • Reduce the ‘urban heat island effect’ and the energy costs associated with keeping buildings cool in hot weather.
  • Increases the roofs lifespan
  • Reduces sound transfer
  • Makes more green space in a garden

Lindum SedumPlus Mat

Benefits and uses: Ideal for lightweight green roofs as sedums are drought tolerant and need only a shallow substrate layer. Also suited to situations that need low growing plants and for low maintenance green roofs.

Lindum Wildflower Mat

Benefits and uses: As an alternative to pure sedum it combines the drought tolerant aspects with colour and ecological benefits of wildflowers and other species, attracting a wider range of birds, bees, butterflies and invertebrates.

Lindum vegetation mats are freshly harvested from our nursery in Yorkshire, they are rapidly transported to your roof which means the plants arrive in the best condition possible and establish with ease.

Why choose Lindum Green Roof Mats?

  • Choice of sedum and wildflower mixtures – chosen to thrive in green roof situations and attract pollinators.
  • Biodiversity – the variety of plant species provides an important habitat for bees, butterflies and insects.
  • Visual impact – mats contain a range of plants chosen for an extended flowering season and to create a visually pleasing effect.
  • Drought tolerant – the plants are chosen to withstand periods of drought. After establishment there should be no need for irrigation except in prolonged drought or where aesthetic value in dry periods is important.
  • Lightweight – mats are lightweight and designed to grow in minimal substrate depth.
  • Easy to install – simply roll out like a carpet.
  • Low maintenance – Lindum’s green roof vegetation mats only require 1-2 cuts per year
  • Rapid delivery – timings from order to delivery is quick, meaning plants arrive fresher with a better chance of establishment.