Green Roof Mats

Lindum has developed established plant mixtures for a range of green roof environments, our mats are ready-to-roll out as an instant vegetation layer.

All Lindum’s green roof vegetation mats are supplied ready to roll out as an instant vegetation layer with the plants already established and growing in a strong felt mat made from recycled British textiles.

Lindum’s green roof mats are lightweight, easy to install and low maintenance, available in varying roll sizes to suit site requirements and suitable for use with a lightweight green roof substrate.

Lindum has been working with the University of Sheffield’s Professor Nigel Dunnett and The Green Roof Centre to develop a range of green roof mats containing wildflowers, sedum, herbs and perennials to promote biodiversity in different green roof environments and flourish in the often harsh or extreme conditions on a green roof.

Why choose Lindum Green Roof Mats?

  • Choice of wildflower and sedum mixtures – chosen to thrive in green roof situations and attract pollinators.
  • Biodiversity – the variety of plant species provides an important habitat for bees, butterflies and insects.
  • Visual Impact – mats contain a range of plants chosen for an extended flowering season and to create a visually pleasing effect.
  • Drought tolerant – the plants are chosen to withstand periods of drought. After establishment there should be no need for irrigation except in prolonged drought or where aesthetic value in dry periods is important.
  • Lightweight – mats are lightweight and designed to grow in minimal substrate depth.
  • Easy to install – simply roll out like a carpet.
  • Low maintenance – Lindum’s green roof products only require one cut a year in autumn.
  • Rapid delivery – grown in UK, delivery on site is rapid, meaning plants arrive fresher with a better chance of establishment.