Lindum Sedum Mat

Lindum Sedum Mat is a pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs. It is sown with an exceptional blend of ten to twelve stunning sedum plants to provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period.

Growing in a strong coconut fibre mat Lindum Sedum Mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer. Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in roll sizes that are easy to handle. Rapid delivery of fresh product from our field to your roof means less stress on your plants

About the vegetation

The plants grow on a coconut fibre carrier and a special substrate. The mats boast at least 80-95% coverage upon delivery. The Sedum plants are brilliant at storing water in their leaves and are therefore extremely suitable for varying weather conditions. Although they can handle very dry/warm times. Occasionally in very high temperatures they will need some water.

Why choose Lindum Sedum Mat?

Features: Sown with an attractive ten to twelve varieties of sedum with differing colours and leaf forms, low maintenance and extreme drought tolerance. Growing in a strong coconut mat, sedum mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer.

Benefits and uses: Ideal for lightweight green roofs as sedums are drought tolerant and need only a shallow substrate layer. Also suited to situations that need low growing plants and for low maintenance green roofs.

Lindum Sedum Mats can be rapidly delivered on next day services to ensure the plants arrive in a good condition and establish better.

Mixture: The ten to twelve offer a huge variety of colour and interest, as well as enhancing biodiversity. They also extend interest and colour throughout the flowering season. Colours range from greens through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns. As well as offering a huge variety of colour, the different plants offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures.

Installation and maintenance: Lindum vegetation mats are very easy to install. Sedum mats can be installed on pitched roofs up to 20 degrees with no extra stabilisation. The plants will need dead heading at the end of the flowering period to encourage new growth the next spring. Weeding and watering is also necessary as and when required. The roof should be watered through establishment and at very dry/warm times.

Technical data


Coverage: 80-95%

Basic weight: approx. 15KG/m2

Saturated weight: approx. 20KG/m2

Water storage capacity: approx. 17ltr/m2

Thickness: 2-4cm

Standard roll size: 0.6m x 2.0m OR 0.6m x 2.5m

Number of square metres per pallet: 40

Pallet size: 1.2m x 1.2m


Product reference – Lindum Lightweight Green Roof Substrate

Material – A blend of lightweight aggregate and the award winning topsoil

Depth – 50mm (minimum)

Saturated weight – At 50mm settlement depth = 50KG per square metre

Bag sizes
1m3 tote bag
20 litre heat sealed bags
Bulk loose

Maximum volume per pallet
1m3 as 1 x 1m3 tote bag
1m3 as 50no. 20 litre bags

Delivery options
Pallet delivery service for small orders
Rigid wagon with tail lift offload facilities
Artic wagon with mounted forklift
Bulk tipper wagon

Area covered

Bag sizeDepth (settled)m2 covered
1m3 tote – 75mm – 12.50m2
1m3 tote – 100mm – 9.50m2
20 litre – 75mm – 0.25m2
20 litre – 100mm – 0.19m2

*please allow for 5% settlement when ordering


Product reference – Lindum Roofdrain20

Material – Recycled High Density Polyethylene water reservoir core with moisture retentive protective fleece to underside and geotextile filter mat to upper side

Thickness – 22mm

Infill – Not required

Roll size – 920mm x 50m (46 square metres per roll)

Water storage capacity – 6.5 litres per square metre

Saturated weight – 7.5KG per square metre

Maximum m2 per pallet – 92 square metres (2 rolls)

Delivery options
Pallet delivery service for small orders
Rigid wagon with tail lift offload facilities
Artic wagon with mounted forklift

Also available

Lindum Roofdrain40

Water storage